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What am I up to now? 
 Like many of you, I live life passionately, spontaneously jumping on a new project in a sudden moment of inspiration. You’ve heard from me before, releasing my salsa and bachata music with Gustavo and the Universe, or my restaurant Parrillas Del Sur, which I am happy to say, was recently sold to new owners. Thank you for your support and interest in many of my endeavors, which are never easy, but fill me with joy and wonderful experiences, especially because I can share them with you. 
I am inviting you now to visit my new blog/website that includes my musical projects, services I am doing in the community, and other passions I have not shared before, such as my writings and thoughts on spirituality. Some of you may also know, I have taught English full time at Northern Virginia Community College for the last 7 years. My blog will also include teaching strategies and insights that may be helpful to fellow educators. Most of the posts will cover different topics ranging from current affairs, to relationships, to spirituality. I want you to get to know me as a writer and stay tuned for works of fiction and nonfiction that will be coming soon. 

Let me summarize for you what you can expect on this site:
1. New music/videos by Gustavo.
2. Posts or short essays on different topics of interest.
3. Teaching methods and strategies.
4. Updates on free yoga events, meditation events, and retreats in the Washington DC area.
5. Information on spiritual services I provide, including Reiki treatments, Reiki healing candles, and Tarot card readings.  
6. A new post every 1st and 15th of the month.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Please comment and share! 
Much love, light, and gratitude to all!
Gustavo Monje